Barrique Design Seute Deern Holz Blau mit Echtheitszertifikat Hochformat 200x300 - Time signalIn August 2019, around 100 years after being launched, the landmark of Bremerhaven, the Seute Deern, sank in the museum harbour. The ship had become too old and worn and much to the regret of the citizens and tourists of Bremerhaven couldn’t be renovated. However, together with the German Maritime Museum, Barrique found a way of allowing the Seute Deern, the historical wooden sailing ship, to live on for its fans after being scrapped – as a wristwatch. The wooden watches in maritime design, which were distinguished with an award in the category Custom-made Designs, are made from unsoiled planks of the ship and are equipped with an automatic movement without a battery – as a further parallel to the old sailing boat which didn’t have an electric drive. The series is a limited edition and is supplied with a guarantee and certificate of authenticity made from a piece of metal originating from the ship. In addition to the use of the original planks, the Seute Deern is depicted on the face of the watch and the digits themselves are designed like a helm. The target group of the watch includes fans of the large sailing ship, but also people who associate a special memory with the landmark – for example couples who got married on the ship.

Barrique Design GmbH

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