Spuersinn Kollektion HDB3 3 300x212 - Tangible identificationDas Haus der Barmherzigkeit (The House of Mercy) is a charitable organisation that offers people in need of care long-term support with a high quality of life. The institution uses an employer branding campaign to address present and potential employees in the long-term care sector. Key elements of the campaign are self-designed, sustainably produced promotional products and their implementation shows measurable success – this meritable concept was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Best Practice.

The design and the practical products are conceived for a target group that is correspondingly emotionally accessible and are brought to life by the employee stories illustrated by the international artist, Signe Kjaer.

All of the motifs are based on the work of the employees: A sleeping female employee is depicted on the packet of the tea which is symbolic for the power-napping room. A hare with a carrot is hopping across the packet containing energy dextrose (animal therapy). The theme on the organic trail mix is further development (a female employee reading a book). The cotton bags come in several executions, the employees receive them as a gift filled with many goodies, a symbol for the House of Variety. The hand-cleaning gel has a cleansing effect and a nice scent (House of Freshness), and an individual motif with the name of the employee is created for each cup (House of Andreas, House of Maria etc.).

The product ideas are developed by the advertising agency KTHE – Kobza and the Hungry Eyes, Spürsinn Werbeartikel produces the creative promotional items for the campaign.

SPÜRSINN kreative Werbeartikel


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