WIL Langenberg 81715 B - Make two out of one and vice versaThe Twinpack by WIL Langenberg is not merely a rucksack. This practical everyday companion is more aptly described as being two bags that are attached by a zip, which can be used individually or together as required. The smart design opens up a wide range of possible applications for promoting companies, including also addressing two different target groups with one product or using the item for effective cross-selling campaigns. Twinpack is ideal as a haptic reinforcement of diverse marketing strategies, for example in the case of company or brand mergers. A cooling function in both individual bags additionally expands the areas of application.

The rucksack is mainly produced from recycled polyester in an amfori BSCI-certified production plant in China. Alongside the standard customisation methods including screen printing, embroidery and transfer printing, via a direct special import the base material of the rucksack can also be realised in special CI colours. PVC patches and woven labels are possible too. The huge communicative potential and high degree of innovation attract plenty of attention which is why Twinpack ultimately walked off with a distinction in the category Communicative Products.

WIL Langenberg GmbH

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