Touchmore2 SANTA TOOLS HAZET Close Up Touchmore - For an instrumental adventIt all started with chocolate and high-quality filled chocolates: In the meantime, Lego characters, scented shower gels and even erotic accessories have been transformed into premium Advent calendars. In collaboration with Touchmore, the professional tool manufacturer, Hazet, has now also taken advantage of this trend. The brand that enjoys a true cult status among tool lovers, equipped its Santa Tools Advent Calendar with a 26-piece set of premium tools – one and a half kilograms of concentrated haptic advertising.

Total justice was done to the premium claim of Hazet in terms of appearance and haptic feel. A fact that was also confirmed by the item winning a distinction in the category Custom-made Designs at the Promotional Gift Award 2021.

A special feature: The calendar contains a prize draw voucher card for the Hazet fan shop with 500 Euros as the top prize. The calendar creates 24 days of brand presence as well as a high emotional bond to the brand and makes the premium claim of Hazet tangible. The integrated gift voucher additionally generates traffic and turnover for the web fan shop. The Santa Tools Advent Calendar is thus a gift, sales promoting tool and sales product in one. The item was also extremely popular internally: Many of the employees took part in an internal, collective purchase order and proudly presented the item to their friends and family as a gift.

Touchmore GmbH



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