koziol Kaltbach Loeffel 84x300 - Cooking with the target groupKoziol claimed a distinction in the category Best Practice with a smart kitchen assistant as a give-away at the POS: On purchasing 250 g of Kaltbach cheese at the cheese counter, the shopper was given a Magic Cooking Spoon. The magic involved: the integrated NFC chip guides the recipient to a landing page created especially for the campaign, where recipes of the month can be found – with Kaltbach products as ingredients of course – as well as step-by-step video tutorials for cooking the recipes. The collection is constantly expanded every month.

The exclusive aim of the campaign is personal consulting at the POS. To this end, the spoons are presented on a counter display, hygienically individually packed, so that they serve as the appropriate dialogue opener for a product consultation. The campaign was launched in March 2020 and runs for a year in total.

Whether recipe videos, prize draws or customer surveys ― the online link of the Magic Cooking Spoon made of thermoplastic material enables an innovative real-time communication, as if one was stood in front of the stove with the customers live. Thanks to customising options via an interchangeable insert, the own logo or advertising message can be directly dyed into the spoon as a CI-compatible 3D motif. Detailed information can be conveyed to the customer in the form of a large insert card and the promotion products can be placed in any desired context.

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