Titan  85 X Ray Pro NS4 - Travelling todayThe Titan X-Ray Pro suitcase by Titan is equipped with a lock that redefines security by saving the personal fingerprint of its owner. Hence, complicated combinations become a thing of the past, because the lock is opened by simply placing one’s finger on it. Furthermore, the lock also boasts a TSA function for security authorities, which enables the piece of luggage to be opened without causing damage. The case that is handmade in Germany also excels with its scratchproof surface made of senosan® polycarbonate and a USB port for a power bank connection. As further extras, the interior is fitted with packing belts, packing walls and additional pockets.

With its special lock and practical layout, the Titan X-Ray Pro convinces both travellers and the jury of Promotional Gift Award, which promptly presented the suitcase with a prize in the category Premium Products. The cases can be embellished with a doming or an imprint, what’s more they can also be produced in CI colours.

TITAN Hamburg GmbH



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