Werbemittel Heinz 7 - Keep rollin´Kitchen rolls are extremely practical when having a barbecue or camping, but in the outdoor area, the paper roll is not protected against wet conditions or dirt. The answer here is Tohei, which solves the everyday problem quite elegantly: The travel companion that was developed by the promotional products agency Thomas Heinz serves as a protective sleeve with a large advertising surface – which leaves plenty of leeway for creative advertising messages.

The standard version of the kitchen roll protector is made of polyester, natural raw materials such as cork for instance can also be implemented. Due to the individual all-over design options, Tohei can be completely branded to suit the specific customer, embroidered customisations are also possible. Expanded using magnets and Velcro fasteners on the underside, Tohei has an even greater potential in diverse fields of application. The entry was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products for the original idea and its practical implementation.

Thomas Heinz Werbemittelagentur

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