Palm IMG 4852 - Fired upIts function determines the design, the design enables the function – this is what turns the Grill Pyramid into an equally original and functional promotional item, which was able to assert itself at the Promotional Gift Award 2020 in the category Communicative Products. The charcoal barbecue set by Palm Verpackung is available in various sizes and is filled with organic charcoal. An organic firelighter is placed in the igniting area at the bottom. To activate the device, the user snaps off the top of the pyramid, ignites the lighter at the bottom and places it on the barbecue. This produces a chimney effect and ensures an optimal burning process so that the glowing charcoal is hot enough to start grilling within four to five minutes.

The Grill Pyramid completely comprises of recycled paper and organic materials. Its pyramid-shaped packaging made of corrugated cardboard is part of the product – which means packaging waste is avoided. In addition to the possibility of having the item imprinted, a special coating can also be realised, which results in different coloured flames while burning.

Papierfabrik Palm GmbH & Co KG

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