Pagani Pens QS40 Air ADV A4 - Breath of fresh airThe new ballpoint pen QS40 Air by Prodir offers a visible and tangible improvement on the sustainability front. As a result of the fine perforation of the barrel, the writing instrument is pleasantly light and up to 60% less plastic is required for its production compared to conventional models. Furthermore, the QS40 Air is to 30% made out of recycled plastic that originates from the manufacturer’s own production waste.

Whether sporting an elegant matt or a pleasant soft-touch surface – the breezy ballpoint lies comfortably in the hand. What’s more, the QS40 Air can also be personalised, i.e. with high-quality metal clips and sophisticated metal pushers. The clips and clip holders can be designed in contrasting colours and also embellished.

The perforation reflects the current trend towards geometrical shapes, skilfully unites exceptional design with sustainability and also earnt the model a distinction in the category Give-aways.


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