Kingly ECO UPCYCLED SOCKS FROM KINGLY 3 - Sustainable right down to the toesKingly secured themselves a Promotional Gift Award 2020 in the category Communicative Products with their knitted socks made of upcycled yarn. Manufactured in Europe from recycled cotton and old PET bottles, the socks make a convincing promotional product for environmentally-conscious companies.

A self-closing sleeve made of potato starch is implemented as the packaging. The thermoplastic material that is produced from natural starch is free from plasticisers and gene technology, decomposes completely within eight weeks after being discarded and complies with the EN 13432 norm for compostable materials. Neither water, nor harmful chemicals are needed for the production of the upcycled yarn. The full-surface imprintable label comprises of recycled cardboard. The socks are completely individualisable and up to six colours can be processed per design. The high personalisation degree of the socks links the advertising message with a sustainable approach – and thus ensures that the promoting company makes a positive impact.


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