hoefats Hoefats 099 - Catch me if you can!Johnny Catch by höfats is an impressive wall-mounted bottle opener that keeps a magnetic hold on up to 20 bottle tops. The opener requires no screws or dowels, because it is attached to the wall using high-quality, double-sided 3M adhesive tape, which even sticks to uneven surfaces. Made to 100% out of stainless steel and equipped with a very strong magnet, the bottle opener is a big hit at every party. The steel can be recycled again and again without any losses.

Thanks to its smart shape and function, as well as boasting extensive customising options in the form of a laser engraving, the magnetic bottle opener is suitable for many industries – such as for example the sport, beverage, tool, automobile or motor racing industries. Johnny Catch particularly cuts a clean figure as a fan and merchandising item. The bottle opener that is distinguished with the Promotional Gift Award 2020 in the category Communicative Products impresses with its sophisticated design simplicity that convinces the onlooker immediately and in the long term. Thanks to its astoundingly simple functionality, flexible assembly and individualising potential, the opener is a multi-talent.

höfats GmbH

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