Der Zuckerbäcker Auto Bastelset - Crafting & nibblingPlayful snacking: The Sweets Bag Crafting Set by Der Zuckerbäcker offers an individually compiled combination between fruit gums, foam sugar, chews or chocolate that are put together to form an advertising motif. Auto-crafting sets make ideal promotional products for workshops, after consultations for construction loans a sweets bag containing a build-yourself dream house guarantees good spirits and the reindeer or snowman crafting sets can be implemented for instance for seasonal advertising measures – bespoke motifs are also no problem at all.

The sweets are sourced from regional suppliers and are picked and packed by hand in Germany. The sets are also available in degradable bags made of cellulose with a card made of recycled cardboard, which is imprinted using a climate-neutral process. The cardboard tab can be fully-surface imprinted in four colours and gold foil embossed. In its capacity as a high-quality designable giveaway for playful promotions, the Sweets Bag Crafting Set picked up an award in the category Give-aways.

Der Zuckerbäcker GmbH


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