Herzapfelhof Luehs BioApfelbaumPatenschaftHerzapfelhof - Back to the rootsIn the era of climate change many people are searching for nature and tranquillity away from their everyday routines – they can find precisely what they are looking for at Herzapfelhof Lühs. The PGA jury distinguished the farm’s Organic Apple Tree Sponsorship in the category Premium Products. With an apple tree sponsorship at the farm near Hamburg, promoting companies can demonstrate their awareness for sustainability and integrate the theme into their corporate communications for a year.

During the year of the sponsorship, the Herzapfelhof team take care of the sponsored trees that are available in diverse species and the sponsors can visit “their” tree as often as they like. In addition to a sponsorship folder with a certificate and informative brochure as well as an individualised tree plaque, the sponsors are also given the opportunity to harvest their tree in the autumn – either 10, 20 or 40 kg of organic apples depending on the pre-agreed amount. If the sponsors are not able to be present when the fruit is picked, the apples are sent to them free of charge. Furthermore, the Herzapfelhof regularly distributes newsletters containing information on the sponsored trees and on current fruit growing themes.

Herzapfelhof Lühs


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