Plate, not bin

With excellent recipes and great love for detail, Unverschwendet saves surplus fruits, vegetable and herbs by turning them into delicious products such as jam, syrup, chutney, vinegar, dips, mustard, [...]

Plate, not bin2023-09-15T15:00:28+02:00

Portable eye-catcher

The Riedle LongLife®/Lenticular is a paper carrying bag made of long-fibred, British special cardboard in a thickness of 270 g/m² that excels due to its quality, stability and multiple [...]

Portable eye-catcher2019-03-05T12:38:45+02:00

A touch of silver and gold

Promonotes ennobles written notes, sketches and drafts with its Mindnotes® notebooks in silver and gold, which people love to touch again and again thanks to their velour-like soft-touch material [...]

A touch of silver and gold2019-03-05T12:29:58+02:00

Listen, now!

Mino by Lexon is a true trick of all trades: The Bluetooth loudspeaker that measures just 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.2 cm excels with its high-quality design, numerous styling [...]

Listen, now!2019-03-05T12:26:56+02:00

Artfully poured

The bottles of offer a special opportunity of portraying the theme of sustainability everywhere, where the aim is to win over the customers as fans of a brand. [...]

Artfully poured2019-03-05T11:54:44+02:00

Disposable sent packing

With a clear statement against disposable cutlery, koziol secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2019 in the category Communicative Products: Klikk is a set of practical, stylish togo cutlery [...]

Disposable sent packing2019-03-05T11:54:57+02:00

Fully transparent

The Smart NFC Power Bank that mcs submitted for entry to the Promotional Gift Award 2019 proved to be totally informative: All important information and testing certificates can be [...]

Fully transparent2019-03-05T11:55:04+02:00

Extremely versatile

Whether coffee-to-go, soup for the lunch break or salad for a picnic – armed with cupit by Kahla everyday culinary delights can be arranged in a mobile and individual [...]

Extremely versatile2019-03-05T11:55:10+02:00

Gimme five!

Vonmählen is presenting High Five, the probably most compact multi-charging cable in the world and has thus at the same time consistently further developed its already awardwinning Eisenhower design. [...]

Gimme five!2019-03-05T11:55:16+02:00

Brilliant to wear

The rucksack Diamond by the bag specialist Halfar put in a shining appearance at the Promotional Gift Award 2019 and was distinguished by the jury as a Communicative Product [...]

Brilliant to wear2019-04-01T13:18:43+02:00