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Combatting viruses

The innovative multifunctional scarf ViralOff by P.A.C. reduces 99% of viruses and bacteria on textile surfaces within just two [...]

Water with a wow factor

Tap water is a resource that is available in Germany for a relatively low price, however it is not [...]

Growing promotional impact

Microgreens are the new nutritional trend from the USA. The young, edible seedlings have a particularly intense taste and [...]

The right wire to the target group

Space-saving, high-quality, sustainable and always in the target group’s view: The jury rewarded the camarc® ecoCharger by Kaldenbach with [...]

Mobile workplace

The organiser ModernClassic by Halfar is more like a mobile workplace than a bag: From the bulky file to [...]

Always ready to hand

Free, individual, bag, stylish and safe: That is the apt description of the innovation Fibs, which secured itself a [...]