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To bee or not to bee

Anyone who loves honey should appreciate and protect bees. The honeybee bonbons in the Eco Maxi paper tin by [...]

Catch me if you can!

Johnny Catch by höfats is an impressive wall-mounted bottle opener that keeps a magnetic hold on up to 20 [...]

All-in upcycling

Attention beer fans: The Beer Box by höfats is more than a run-of-the-mill beverage crate. After its initial usage, [...]

Singing in the rain

Familiar sounds trigger memories, images and emotions. Thanks to the new, extraordinary umbrella model Sound by Fare, promoting companies [...]

Healthy and vital

A water bottle and pill box in one: The innovation of the YOS Bottle by Easy Orange is the [...]

Best buddy

Bob, the Bottle Buddy by Click-IT Systems makes it simple to pick up, transport and put several bottles down [...]