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Every year the offset printing shop Schwarzach presents its customers with a very special advent calendar that combines all of [...]

Award-winning homage

The underground collection The history of Blue, which was realised by The Five Elements for the Vienna subway lines unites [...]

Skin-tight surprise

The Magic Tattoos by Stainer promise that woweffects can be experienced skin-deep. The temporary adhesive tattoos are applied to the [...]

Plate, not bin

With excellent recipes and great love for detail, Unverschwendet saves surplus fruits, vegetable and herbs by turning them into delicious [...]

Portable eye-catcher

The Riedle LongLife®/Lenticular is a paper carrying bag made of long-fibred, British special cardboard in a thickness of 270 g/m² [...]

A touch of silver and gold

Promonotes ennobles written notes, sketches and drafts with its Mindnotes® notebooks in silver and gold, which people love to touch [...]