Meyer Stiehl IMG 9903 - Playful preparationWhat to do when nothing is working and there are wide-spread power cuts? Re-start – the Blackout Simulation addresses such questions in a playful manner and serves to train decision-makers in municipal disaster management. The strategic board game that was distinguished in the category Premium Products, was especially designed for the further education and training of municipal crisis units, but also trains networked thinking in general. The aim is to simulate the interplay between the players and the communicative and decision-making processes during a wide-scale blackout under time pressure. A manual on approaches of further training creates references between the game and reality.

The game is available as a basic version and as an extended version. The latter additionally contains the manual as well as access to the Re-start Forum; furthermore the organisation and moderation of training events is offered.

In principle, the entire game can be individualised, for example by integrating real districts of a city into the game for minimum order quantities of 500 pieces. Here, special conditions are taken into consideration, such as a high number of rural districts, critical industry companies, etc. The game is delivered inside a slipcase, which can be individually designed for order volumes of just 50 pieces.

Meyer & Stiehl GbR Spieltrieb

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