Dicke Essener Romben 2 - Tribute paidIt has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001 and is well-known as the most beautiful coal mine in the world – Pit 12 of the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen isn’t referred to as the masterpiece of the architects Fritz Schupp and Martin Kremmer without good reason. Dicke & Partner is paying tribute to this masterly performance and indeed created an appropriately impressive range in the process – with the Collection for the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein, which expands the existing merchandising portfolio of the popular attraction in the Ruhr district.

The agency developed a trademark that conforms with the CD guidelines of the colliery’s brand in order to enable a uniform co-branding. The figurative mark shows Schupp and Kremmer in stylised form, the affiliation to the Zollverein brand is among others expressed through the usage of the colliery’s typeface “Futura ND” for the word mark. In terms of contents, due to their targeted application for drawings and graphics the striking products including a ruler, eraser and sketchbook, also fit in well with the design language. “The scope of the service, which encompasses all of the planning and realisation phases of the brand and product range is remarkable. The product line is target group-oriented, sustainable as well as diversified and allows the aesthetics of the famous architects to live on,” was the jury’s reason for presenting the collection with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Merchandising.

Dicke & Partner GmbH

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