Carry Products 20211103 DSC02356 - Tangible differenceThe digital embossing technique that Carry Products won a Promotional Gift Award for in the category Customising Technologies literally stands out: By applying diverse layers of varnish, individual relief motifs are created on the Carry Bottles, which generate a special haptic effect through to the finest line. The novel digital printing technique excels as a result of the high quality of the UV inks, good durability, multi-coloured print motifs, filigree lines and the opportunity of customising the bottles with personalised names. Furthermore, individual design elements can be haptically accentuated using the digital embossing.

The bottles themselves are also impressive in terms of their sustainability: Carry Bottles are made in Germany from 60% recycled waste glass and what’s more are also recyclable. The screw cap is made from non-toxic polypropylene, manufactured with FSC-certified wood fibres, the individual packaging is made from resource-saving grass cardboard and the printing inks are free from heavy metals. Carry Products uses renewable energy, reduces the materials used down to the minimum and places great value on short transport routes and transparent supply chains.

Carry Products GmbH

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