TFA Dostmann 98112610 quer - Power checkHandling batteries in a responsible and efficient way not only saves money, it also protects the environment in several ways: Less toxic substances are emitted if really only empty batteries are disposed of. Furthermore, the source of energy is completely exploited. This is why TFA Dostmann set itself the task of developing a favourably-priced, high-quality and easy-to-operate battery tester.

The result is the BatteryCheck, which was directly distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products. The item is a battery-testing device that allows the charge status of the battery to be checked fast using an uncomplicated method. The product doesn’t require an own power supply, it simply uses energy from the battery being checked for the brief measurement process. As such, the battery tester is always ready for use and is quite practically tested under load conditions.

The device is easy to operate: Simply set the nominal voltage and attach the battery to it. The remaining residual voltage appears in the display together with a symbolic representation that depicts the charge status and enables the user to decide whether the battery really has to be discarded or whether it can continue to be used in a different appliance.

A logo print for example can be placed on an area made of ABA plastic next to the display on the upper side.

TFA Dostmann GmbH & Co. KG


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