testme CLYP 4 - Kept sealedGermany, the country of poets and thinkers, has come up with a bottle closure created by thinkers, which not only seals open bottles again, but in fact makes them even more tightly sealed. Under the motto “Final closure for flat drinks!”, the patented clip-like closure, Clyp, that prevents leaking and is simply placed on top of the bottles. According to the manufacturers, water contained inside the sealed bottle remains fizzy for hours and lemonade doesn’t go flat, but tastes just as fresh right down to the last drop. The closure also protects drinks against insects when picnicking or from drinks being laced with K.O. drops in night clubs.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, last, but not least the closure impresses with its durable “made in Germany” brand quality: All pieces of the product and packaging are recyclable and are 100% produced and processed in Germany. Short transport routes promote the saving of energy and resources and the final assembly, picking and packing as well as the dispatch are carried out in workshops for adapted work.

Clyp can be individualised with a laser engraving or a pad print on the stainless-steel emblem. The full surface of the packaging can be customised with a four-colour imprint. Two sides of the hexagonal foldable flyer can also be individually designed.

As a promotional product, the item combines high practical value with a strong communicative effect – reason enough for the jury to present it with a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products.

testme GmbH


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