Zogi Kerzenset individuell - Humming marketingZogi Nature initiated a project called beeswe.love that focuses on protecting the environment and nature as well as acting as a head-turning marketing campaign. The principle: In its capacity as a project partner, the promoting company enables a hive of young bees to be bred in Zogi Nature’s own apiary in Southern Germany as well as the cultivation of 100 m² of meadows for bees. In return, the name of the project partner is printed on a large wooden plate and the beehive is branded with the logo of the promoting company. All of which is documented in photo/video shootings.

The campaign is flanked by an extensive media package including text, photo and video material, proposals for Instagram or Facebook and many ideas for digital, analogue or haptic marketing. In short: A more or less turnkey source for an all-year-round, accompanying image campaign.

Zogi has since expanded the basic package to include the Exclu-Bees – diverse haptic promotional messengers that accompany the campaign throughout the year: There are 100 Grow seed bags for the spring and summer, 50 jars of honey and an exclusive seed box for the autumn and Christmas holds 100 crafting sets for beeswax candles in store for the customers – all items are individually branded, of course.

Beeswe.love is a well thought-out, sustainable and eco-friendly project that enables great, low-budget image campaigns with its modular campaign structure. The campaign struck the right chord at the Promotional Gift Award 2021, earning itself a Special Prize in the category Campaign Concept.




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