Promotia Snokey3 - Happy sledgingTobogganing fun without that bothersome hauling process – that is what the inflatable bob, Snokey, of the Austrian manufacturer, Industriewerbung Promotia, promises: Simply hang the rolled-up lightweight (approx. 575 g) conveniently over one’s shoulder and once one has reached the top of the mountain, roll it out, blow it up and climb onboard – and one is ready for the breath-taking downhill ride.

The air cushion ensures maximum comfort and protection against the cold. The shape of the toboggan is ideal for racing and sitting on and it also features stable gripping straps. The sleigh is steered and slowed down by shifting one’s weight and using one’s hands and feet. A robust nylon outer sheath protects the inflatable PVC core against water and the cold. Rolled up, Snokey measures approx. 40 x 10 cm, inflated approx. 55 x 36 cm, an adjustable carrying strap ensures high carrying comfort. The inflatable sleigh is suitable to carry people weighing up to 100 kg. Children under the age of twelve are only permitted to use the item under adult supervision.

To lend the inflatable bob an individual touch, promoting companies can freely select the colour of the material and have the sleigh’s air cushion individually customised with an all-over print. Snokey is particularly suitable for winter events and as an advertising ambassador for companies from the tourist industry. The more convenient handling in comparison to conventional sledges as well as its high-quality workmanship earned Snokey a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products. Promotia GesmbH

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