Responsor memogel foto ALTA - Always within reachWashing one’s hands regularly can ward off infections – not only the coronavirus. But what should one do when there’s neither a basin nor soap in sight? Disinfectants can come to the aid here, but the handling of small bottles of hand disinfecting gel is rather laborious.

Memo-gel by the Italian manufacturer, Responsor, proves to be a quicker and more convenient solution here: It is a small dispenser for hand disinfectant that can be simply attached to the wrist like a wristwatch. Enough gel to wash one’s hands ten times fits inside the refillable dispenser: Once empty, simply take the lid off, refill and replace the lid.  

The if desired also very colourful give-away made of polyester is produced in Italy and can – unlike similar products made from silicon – be readily individualised with a digital UV print or using other printing techniques.

The product that is manufactured from high-quality materials not only excels with its innovativeness and everyday practical utility; it also ensures high recognition value due to its exceptional design – plenty of good reasons why the item won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Communicative Products.

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