kompagnon guertelschnalle bomag 1 - Bespoke bucklesKompagnon was able to impress the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2021 with a belt buckle designed especially for an event and secured itself a distinction in the category Custom-made Designs in the process: For the in-house exhibition “Innovation Days 2019” of the machine construction company, Bomag, the advertising agency namely developed an individual belt buckle that aimed to remind the visitors of the event for a long time to come.

The high-quality belt buckle made of brass and stainless steel was produced in Germany, embossed on two levels in a design tailor-made to suit the industry and brushed in oxidised silver to lend the item a superior look. To increase the visitor loyalty even further, the buckles were engraved with the visitors’ individual names on-site. As such, around 2,000 belt buckles attached to a high-quality leather belt were presented on that day as a haptic souvenir of the Bomag exhibition, which thanks to their exquisite workmanship are guaranteed to accompany the recipient long-term.

Kompagnon united an elegant design and form with high-quality materials and local production in Germany in an innovative way and thus turned normal, everyday belt buckles into highly-communicative promotional products with a “must-have” factor.

KOMPAGNON Communications BP GmbH

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