Keimgruen Grow Grow Nut 5 1 - Growing promotional impactMicrogreens are the new nutritional trend from the USA. The young, edible seedlings have a particularly intense taste and are of higher nutritional value than fully-grown vegetables. Keimgrün is offering the food trend in the form of a practical and sustainable growing set, called Grow-Grow Nut, which is ideal for the home windowsill: The packaging of the starter set as well as that of the refills and seed bags comprises of eco-friendly grass paper. The seedlings are grown in coconut shells from organically-certified seeds. If not implemented for this use the shells would simply be burned, which would have a detrimental effect on the environment. Furthermore, Keimgrün has a tree planted by Eden Projects for every Grow-Grow Nut sold.

For order quantities of 1,000 pieces upwards, promoting companies can have their logo printed on the always visible upper surface. A logo engraving on the nut itself is also possible. Smaller order volumes are customised with stickers.

The Grow-Grow Nut impressively demonstrates that a healthy diet is not only simple, but that it can also be fun. The user can watch the small plants that are rich in vitamins grow within six to eight days of being planted. In this way, Keimgrün is making the themes health and sustainability visible and tangible in the truest sense of the word, which was in turn rewarded with a distinction in the category Communicative Products.

Keimgrün GmbH


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