blvck Pferdeaepfel Stuelpdeckeldosen 3er mit Pellets vollflaechig bedruckt - Turning dung into goldHorse dung is indeed a valuable, natural fertiliser; however, it isn’t particularly user-friendly in its raw form – whereby one certainly can’t say the same about pellet form. Blvck sells pellets made out of dried horse dung under the name Horse dung organic natural fertiliser, which provides plants and vegetables with the optimal combination of nutrients, also for indoor plants. The dung is chopped, placed inside a drying unit constructed especially for the purpose and is subsequently enhanced with the respective additives, such as shredded grape seeds, lavender or stinging nettles. A given amount of the mass is then placed inside a specific container in the pellet machine. In the course of the pelleting process, a fine spray of water mist is added to give the pellets a nice consistency. From blades of grass for horses through to the ready-made pellet – all products are home-grown on the farm of Thomas Pülzl, the cooperating farmer.

There are different product designs for the promoting companies to choose from. Furthermore, the folding boxes as well as the newly designed cartons can be individually imprinted.

The horse dung fertiliser took the hearts of the jury members by storm in the category Give-aways: “It is hardly possible to come up with anything more sustainable or attention-grabbing.”


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