Doebler IMG 7764 - How eco-friendly are you?Ecofuzzi, an ecological quiz for people who show awareness and interest for the environment and enjoy quizzes, convinced in the category Communicative Products at the Promotional Gift Award 2021.

100 cards with 200 questions in total – two questions apiece on the front with the respective answers on the reverse side – animate the players to puzzle and reflect. The questions cover themes such as food, mobility, the environment, clothes, energy or resources. The design, production and marketing of the card game were carried out as sustainably as possible.

The use of plastic is done away with completely for the entire product, furthermore the quiz complies with the standards for toys and is manufactured in Germany. Offset printing dies that are free from mineral oil and cobalt drier are used to imprint the items. What’s more the items are dispatched using a totally CO2-neutral process and – where available – also in used boxes.

A wide selection of customising options are available: For instance, depending on the order volumes, a banderol or an individual logo on the packaging of the toy. It is also possible to choose the colour of the slipcase to match the CI of the promoting company. Moreover, promoting companies can also have five cards with their own questions integrated into the game in coordination with the manufacturers.

The game can be played by two people or in larger groups – which means Ecofuzzi – the Environment Quiz offers a wealth of communicative potential.

Erich G. Döbler e.K.

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