KM Werbemittel PWC klappkarte 300dpi - Lace it upThe auditing company, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) was looking for a special souvenir for the participants of a partner conference. The basic idea was to surprise the visitors with self-designed shoes. However, due to the tight time schedule together with PwC the promotional products agency, K+M Werbemittel, developed a card displaying a voucher code, which the conference guests were able to cash in at Adidas’ online shop, in order to create their own shoes. The card was made out of FSC-certified paper and was designed in the company’s CI colours, as well as being imprinted with a company logo and QR code.

The exciting feature: The interior of the folding card was decorated with a picture of a shoe, the eyelets of which were perforated with a hole through which shoelaces were fed which just like on a real shoe could be tied to form a bow at the front. An innovative messenger that was guaranteed to trigger positive memories among the conference participants and which also brought K+M a Promotional Gift Award 2020 in the category Best Practice.

K+M Werbemittel GmbH


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