Agent Monkey agent monkey bearb - Cool clipAgent Monkey was able to secure itself a distinction in the category Communicative Products with a thoroughly practical everyday assistant: The Agent Monkey Clip is a high-quality multitool made of imitation leather, which can be used among others as a cable organiser, webcam cover and earphone clip. It is vegan and kind to the skin and two neodymium magnets ensure that the strips of material close tightly. Furthermore, as a result of an integrated NFC chip, digital information such as websites, social media accounts and apps can be stored on the gadget – which widely extends the item’s fields of application and communicative possibilities.

The individually adaptable multitool that is produced in Germany – from the logo to the materials used – is also convincing in terms of its sustainability. For example, the latest collection is made out of recycled polyester that is obtained from PET bottles, plastic straws and other fibres. The manufacturer donates 10% of the turnover to charity organisations and projects.

Agent Monkey


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