artofbottles pga19 300x200 - Artfully pouredThe bottles of offer a special opportunity of portraying the theme of sustainability everywhere, where the aim is to win over the customers as fans of a brand. Always visible and within reach on the desks of the customer or employee, the desk sculptures that are 100% made in Germany document a responsible attitude towards the environment and health and also contribute towards avoiding waste. The pieces of art that are designed especially for each customer present brands in a striking way. Beyond the CI-compatible implementation, on request the artists and designers occupy themselves more closely with a brand and its history, integrating such aspects accordingly resulting in unique pieces of art that the target group is delighted to receive as a premium gift or merchandising item. The implementation of art as a marketing, merchandising and communication tool offers companies additional opportunities for internal and external communications and the perfect basis for successful storytelling. It is thus no surprise that the stylish “made in Germany” bottles walked off with a Promotional Gift Award 2019 in the category Communicative Products. by State of the Art

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