Cheil FEEDitBAG AllBags 300x200 - High-yield disposalT-shirt bags – the classic packaging for fruit and vegetables in the supermarket – no longer end up in the garbage or ocean, but instead in the ground. FeeditBag is the name of a bio-degradable bag made of “Mater-Bi”, a corn starch-based material that is compostable. The special feature: The bags have seeds integrated inside and thus don’t simply rot away, at the same time they also bestow new life – there is a choice between tomatoes, aubergines and pears for the motif or seeds. The bags are imprinted with water-based dyes and the sticker that the seeds are found under is also bio-degradable. Thus, the entire bag is fully compostable within ten weeks and even decomposes in water. Decorated with an individual logo print, the FeeditBag can be used by promoting companies as a communication tool that appeals to people to reduce the consumption of plastic and consider the environment more. In combination with the highyield disposal this also has an enhancing effect on the promoting company’s image. Cheil reaped a distinction in the category Give-aways for its sustainable idea.

Cheil Germany GmbH

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