testme pga19 300x200 - Blow twice, please!A toast in someone’s honour? It’s all fine and well, but is one fit to drive afterwards? Blow me provides the answer. The patented product by testme enables the user to test his alcohol level immediately, what’s more the item boasts high measuring accuracy. Simply push the little tubes together, take a deep breath and blow twice in the displayed direction for 10 seconds each – the test crystals display the alcohol level in the respiratory air straight away by turning red. Thanks to the integrated comparison fields it becomes clear within seconds whether one can still drive a vehicle (or is able to again). Blow me is produced in workshops for the disabled and is wrapped in a kind of flyer, which contains the instructions for use on the inside and which can be completely individually designed on the outside. Due to its provocative name the (residual) alcohol tester particularly addresses the “young wild” generation, whose use of language is very casual and who are out to have fun. The (residual) alcohol tester earned itself a Promotional Gift Award 2019 in the category Give-aways for its target group-compatible and eye-catching product design, extensive design options and accident- preventing concept.

testme GmbH

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