micx pga2018 300x200 - Test it immediatelyThe ifm-Video-box by micx-media that won a distinction in the category Custom-made Designs explains a rather abstract theme in a very concrete way: ifm specialises in inductive sensors for factory automation that safely detect metals with the aid of a uniform switching distance. In order to introduce the respective measuring product onto the market and boost its sales, the media professionals from Bielefeld developed a video box with a measuring function for the sales representatives of ifm. As well as the video message, on the righthand side the award-winning product also features an implemented construction for measuring metallic product characteristics. In this way, thanks to the integrated testing sensors a direct contact is established, in addition to the video the product itself that requires explanation is thus also literally made tangible. The format, size and scope of the Video-box are variable and among others individually designed with an imprint, spot coating or embossing. The video messages and the products integrated inside the box can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

micx -media in concept- gmbh & co. kg

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