Victorinox SAK 1 3603 7 BUILT TO BE TOP 3D Kopie 300x200 - Tactile look

By using “Clear Ink”, the Swiss pocket-knife specialists Victorinox have succeeded in producing life-like raised surfaces that look like canvas, leather or animal hide. The Digital Haptic 3D-technology also generates an attractive optical and haptic 3D experience using standard digital printing methods thanks to a partial relief varnish finish. The technical adaption and the entire pre-print process including the rendering are Victorinox-made. The process developed by Victorinox, which earned the company a Promotional Gift Award 2018 in the category Customising Technologies, enables the three-dimensional reproduction of motifs and logos on practically all knife models as well as on the SwissCards of the traditional manufacturer. As if that’s not enough: The pocket-knives of the Swiss company are almost completely recyclable, the tools are made out of already recycled steel.


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