Wellnuss WN 018 17 Eispulver Retusche Kuh 04 17 vorschau 300x200 - Cool promotion ideaPromoting companies that want to chill out and surprise their target group at the same time are advised to opt for the ice powder by wellnuss. The ice powder in a tin that is based on Luicella’s Premium Ice Cream comes in the flavours Chocolate Deluxe or Vanilla. It is child’s play to transform the powder into delicious ice cream: The ice powder is simply whisked together with milk and a shot of cream, left in the freezer for four hours, stirred now and again, voilà! The icy delight is even creamier if it is mixed in an ice cream maker. The powder is free from aromas, colourants and preservatives, the vanilla version is even vegan which enables all target groups to be reached. For minimum order volumes of 50 pieces, the cool promotion idea “made in Germany” can be branded with an individually designed label and was – of course after in-depth sampling – honoured by the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2018 with a prize in the category Communicative Products.

wellnuss Premium Snacks GmbH

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