MEIN GENUSS 5er Tee Set 4 offen Kopie 300x200 - Attractively servedThe high-quality tea set My Enjoyment contains five resealable tea jars, which are packed inside folding boxes with a punched viewing panel in the shape of the letter “T”. The boxes also each contain an information sheet on the respective tea sort. The inside of the set that was jointly developed together with Clormann Design and Egger Druck + Medien comprises of black fine cardboard with a hot foil embossing. A banderole made of customised natural cardboard with a coarse surface lends the item an elegant touch. Four sets are available, each of which contains five sorts of tea. My Enjoyment is certified according to the environmental management norm ISO 14001, the sets are produced using green energy, imprinted in a climate-neutral process in Germany and picked and packed by hand. Comprehensive customising options – among others the sleeves can be individualised with a hot foil or blind embossing – round off the appearance. Furthermore, the tea varieties can be individually selected or a personalised greeting card can be inserted. The look and feel of the set as well as the fragrance and taste experience of the exquisite teas also incited the senses of the jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2018, which ultimately resulted in a distinction in the category Premium Products.


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