PFConcept MOOD ELEVATE 0754 Kopie - Raised promotional impactWith HXD (High Definition with an eXtra Dimension) PF Concept is presenting an innovative customising technology that lends logos a 3D appearance. The patented process combines a high-quality 3D sticker with the colour diversity and trueness of detail of a transfer in an emblem. Furthermore, HXD is extremely durable and colour- fast – being machine-washed and dried is no problem at all. The method that was distinguished with a Promotional Gift Award 2018 in the category Customising Technologies involves the PF Concept team first creating a 2-dimensional line graph from the vector graph of the logo, the CMYK colours are aligned with the CI colours and the respective surface finish is selected. Subsequently a tool is created for the 3-dimensional logo and the 3D patch produced using the tool is applied to the desired garment. In addition to the tangibly raised promotional effect, surface effects such as “gold”, “brushed metal” or “metal plate” lend the true to colour and true to detail motifs and lettering their special splendour. This customising method is suitable for many models of the PF Concept own brands, Elevate and Slazenger.

PF Concept Deutschland GmbH

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