Rastal AR Glas Gaffel Rastal eppi120 Kopie 300x200 - Crystal clearDeeper reality totally without intoxication? Yes, this is possible! Rastal has developed an augmented reality concept for drinking glasses, which projects digital contents like videos, photos or animated items into the real environment using a marker. In this way, interactive scenarios appear on the display of a smartphone in real-time, which virtually melt with the real drinking glass. The awareness-enhancing glass was tested in August 2017 by the Cologne brewery “Gaffel am Dom”. The occasion: a late summer Carnival event. Gaffel, the initiator of the summer extravaganza, implemented in total 1,000 of the Rastal glasses. Via a scan, the signet on the augmented reality Kölsch glasses led the observers directly to the festival film – provided that they had uploaded the EasyVR-App onto their smartphone in advance. The jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2018 also ventured a deep look into the glass. The result: not a loss in reality, but indeed a distinction in the category Best Practice.


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