pga 2017  - To the board, ready, steady, go…For a nationwide campaign, Bonduelle set off in search of original premiums that conveyed the brand values of the company – modern, fresh and likeable – in an original way and with humour. Ultimately, in a workshop between the koziol team and Bonduelle decision-makers the idea arose to implement cutting boards made of thermoplastic resin from the Happy Board series for the collecting campaign. Four boards were produced each with a fitting motif, which was directly integrated into the product as a haptic 3D element, which was additionally dyed in the promoting company’s CI colours.

In February 2016 the models depicting a “Sweet Pea”, a “golden treasure”, a “lucky mushroom” and a “speedy carrot” were launched in retail outlets with the support of the schröder+baur advertising agency. Up until the end of July 2016 (until stocks ran out) one received the free board of one’s choice on purchasing eight tins of Bonduelle vegetables. “The recyclable kitchen utensils have a positive impact, kindle the passion for collecting because of the strong co-branding with the koziol brand and are highly communicative with their cheeky motto,” assessed the jury, which honoured the campaign with a Promotional Gift Award 2017 in the category Best Practice.

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