pga 2017 steiff - Teeth baredSteiff is particularly demonstrating how even “tough” men’s brands can be perfectly marketed in a very gentle way using the mascot and brand ambassador Tim Timber, which was distinguished in the category Merchandising. The beaver that was produced for Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG. was chosen, because it can fell trees using its teeth and is thus a perfect representative for the sawing tools of Stihl – the specialist for motor-powered appliances used in the forest management and construction industries. To represent the core products of the traditional brand, Tim Timber shows his teeth in the form of chainsaw blades. Featuring a “button in his ear”, he additionally makes an association between the Stihl brand presence and the values stability and reliability, which the company Steiff has represented for over 135 years. The theme of “sawing” is also picked up on by the wooden-look of the cardboard box.

Thanks to high-quality materials, the cute beaver defies even the toughest living conditions and is guaranteed to quickly conquer a regular place in the children’s bedroom. The individual overall package of product details and packaging results in an amusing, lovable promotional product that will impress Stihl fans in future from childhood on.

Margarete Steiff GmbH

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