pga 2017 mcs 200x300 - Skilful implementationIn order to raise its customers’ awareness for the theme of environmental protection and the modified EU packaging guidelines on the reduction of plastic bags, mcs Promotion developed a shopping bag made out of the durable fabric material canvas. A newsletter informed the customers about the change to the packaging guideline and offered them the opportunity to order three of the fabric bags free of charge. Furthermore, the eco-friendly model was implemented at a trade fair, where among others it was used as a conversation starter for further projects or CSR activities. The imprint “Kann was!” (German for “Can achieve something!“) is a play on words with the name of the material and at the same time conveys the message that environmental protection “can achieve something”.

According to mcs Promotion, the campaign was a total success, the customer liked the idea of an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic bag – in some cases they are currently switching over from plastic to environmentally-friendly packaging themselves and are ordering high volumes of the bags for their own promotion purposes. The jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2017 is certain that the canvas bag “can achieve something” and awarded the product and campaign a distinction in the category Best Practice.

mcs promotion GmbH

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