pga 2017 kellermeister 289x300 - ImpressiveKellermeister Manns is turning apples into eye-catchers with an innovative printing technique – applied on the LogoFruit Apple – and secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2017 in the category Customising Technologies in the process. In contrast to conventional laser engraving techniques, the new method enables a fast and much stronger contrasted individualisation, without having an effect on the perishability of the fruit. The imprint is carried out using food-safe, taste-neutral dye, which furthermore allows a considerably larger illustration of logos and motifs than the engraving method. Even sensitive promotional products, such as tomatoes for instance, can be customised.

Kellermeister Manns preferentially uses regional fruit for the technique that it developed itself. So far, customisations in white, red and black can be realised in razor-sharp quality. The gentle customisation is normally applied to one side of the fruit, whereby multiple prints are also possible. As a popular and healthy fruit, the LogoFruit Apple makes an ideal promotional product for all industries to do with health, diet and fitness.

Kellermeister Manns GmbH

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