pga 2017 kwo - Fragrant liaisonThe Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau (KWO/Art Trade Workshops Olbernhau) vividly demonstrated how to combine traditional and modern at the Promotional Gift Award 2017. The Incense Computer that was distinguished with a prize in the category Best Practice convinces with its excellent design and high-quality craftsmanship and is guaranteed to spend a long time with the target group as a coherent brand ambassador that has a direct association to the company. The product that, according to KWO is a world novelty, is made out of domestic deciduous wood, features a finely planed surface and an elegant logo print on the side and can be used as an air freshener and decorative item the whole year round.

The Incense Computer was implemented by Saxonia Systems AG as a St. Nicholas’ Day greeting, which encompassed a greeting card and aromatic candles by Crottendorf being distributed on December 6, with the request to register on the website at to verify one’s data. The first 100 people to register received one of the incense calculators.

KWO produces its incense items in Germany (Erzgebirge) using traditional craftsman methods and domestic woods from sustainably managed forests. The aromatic candles are also exclusively made out of natural products.

KWO Kunstgewerbe-Werkstätten Olbernhau GmbH

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