pga 2017 godentis - Cross-media campaign against cariesGo Dentis dedicates itself to dental medicine and together with Ergo Digital Lab they developed a cross-media campaign to combat early childhood tooth decay and raise comprehensive awareness for a tooth-friendly diet, good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.

The health education measure is conveyed in a playful manner using a contemporary selection of haptic messengers that build the bridge to digital forms of advertising (app, newsletter, etc.) in an intelligent way. An unbranded breakfast board, a gift from the dentist, is used to introduce the topic and secure the theme of oral health a regular place on the breakfast and dining table. The label that is discretely attached to the reverse side of the board makes reference to the teeth brushing app “ToothHero”, which among other things teaches children how to brush their teeth properly.

The characters and images that are given a positive connotation through the boards pop up again in different parts of the concept: The cross-media campaign unites the individual products, because each product makes reference to the next one. In this way, an innovative information network evolves that over the course of time reaches and educates almost all groups of the population several times. The jury of the Promotional Gift Award 2017 distinguished the campaign in the category Best Practice.

goDentis – Gesellschaft für Innovation in der Zahnheilkunde mbH

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