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Tools in credit card format

Whether in the form of a bottle opener, ice scraper, shoehorn, card holder or spanner – the C6 Wallet Tools by Touch of Ginger are available in various [...]

Strong brand ambassador

Prodir secured itself a Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Give-aways with the new DS9. The plastic ballpoint designed by Christoph Schnug, Studio C Milano, emanates a [...]

Brilliant imprint, impressively practical

The CarKoser® turned heads at the Promotional Gift Award with its intense colours and attention to detail, because the windscreen sponge by Polyclean excels because of the unparalleled [...]

Soft promotional power

A huge advertising surface, super soft haptics and practical use: Slif by Arpe stood out at the Promotional Gift Award 2015 with its excellent product characteristics. The new [...]

Goes down well

Jung Bonbonfabrik has come up with a mailing item that is guaranteed not to land in the wastepaper bin unopened, but will find its way straight into the [...]

High coolness factor

CoolTowels by Into Creations have a cooling effect that refreshes an overheated body after sweat-inducing activities of all kinds. The towels that are available in different aromas or [...]

Prevent espionage

The Camblock Webcam Cover by Hey!blau Labs, which can be stuck over the webcams of laptops or mobile end devices, picked up a Promotional Gift Award in the [...]

Cool performance

The ice2go keeps whole crates of drinks cool anywhere. The product by GerID that won a Promotional Gift Award 2015 in the category Give-aways works following the convection [...]

Ready for take-off

The standard snap buckle of Gadget's lanyard was replaced by a miniature version of an airplane seat belt, which means it makes an excellent promotional product for airlines [...]

Clever & smart

Card Your Smart by DNS Design, which is the same size as a bank card, keeps a tight hold of nearly all conventional smartphones while they are being [...]