Customising Technologies 2015 2016-10-21T11:42:44+00:00

Cardboard adieu

At the Promotional Gift Award 2015, Winter & Company demonstrated using six designer beer mats how haptic elements can literally make advertising messages tangibly clear: Instead of using [...]

Off the roll

Suthor won a Promotional Gift Award in the category Customising Technologies for its cellulose serviette, which can be full-surface customised with a digital direct print. This is the [...]

It´s a kind of magic

The chinaware produced by Kahla that are equipped with the new, patented technology Magic Grip almost have a magical power of attraction. The innovative customising technology increases the [...]

Revolutionary technology

Global Innovations submitted a totally new customising technique for entry to the Promotional Gift Award 2015: PolyTaksys is a prize draw processor, which opens a window in an [...]