Communicative Products 2016 2016-10-21T11:42:44+00:00

Setting the tone

Several times a year, Fare proves that a classic item like the umbrella can be reinvented. One of the newcomers is the Fare®-Style, which has a surprising effect [...]

Highly-efficient marketing tool

Riedle landed a major coup with the Coupon-Bag at the Promotional Gift Award 2016. According to the manufacturers, the promotional bag that won a prize in the category [...]

A toast to the promotional effect!

When the corks are popping in the name of the company and the logo and advertising message are enjoying sparkling attention, the Memo-Drink Prosecco by Responsor is guaranteed [...]

Rough edges wanted

The new QS writing instrument series by Prodir surprises with a 3D surface, which turns each single model into a haptic experience. In addition to standard surfaces, individual [...]

Mobile phone charger with promotional fuel

The lockable mobile phone charging station Powfox Box3 V3 by the Munich-based start-up, Powfox, which according to company accounts is a world novelty, provides all common smartphone models [...]

Clever & smart

Octogone asserted itself against the competition of the Promotional Gift Award 2016 with a smart and literally energy-filled idea. The “smart” thing about the Smart-card is its slim [...]

Drink when it flashes

Drink a lot – it is easily said, and indeed easily done as well. At least in the case of Ulla by i4. The utensil that won an [...]

Movie-worthy office prop

H&P Werbe-Service secured itself a place on the winners‘ rostrum at the Promotional Gift Award 2016 with a “movie-worthy“ entry: The Movie Ruler claimed a distinction in the [...]

Road proof

Companies that want to make sure that their target group occupies itself with the advertising agency in detail, are advised to opt for the 3D puzzle model, Truck [...]

Hot stuff

Red hot, brand new and highly topical: There were plenty of good reasons for presenting the Edible grill charcoal by Zuckerbäcker with a Promotional Gift Award 2016. On [...]