Rough edges wanted

Prodir_QS 1The new QS writing instrument series by Prodir surprises with a 3D surface, which turns each single model into a haptic experience. In addition to standard surfaces, individual structures and patterns can be produced on the surface of the writing instruments – an innovative injection moulding process makes this possible. In this way, the communicative potential of the classic promotional product gains a further dimension and thanks to the additional sensor technology, the promoting companies make a memorable impact. The jury found this reason enough to award the item a distinction in the category Communicative Products.

The refillable writing instruments of the QS series are manufactured in Switzerland in compliance with social standards. So far, the series comprises of the models QS00 Personalized Pattern Pen, QS01 Pattern Pen and QS20 Peak Pen. In the case of the QS00 model, it is not only possible to have the surface individualised, but also personalised which further enhances the association to the brand.